Pay out Pay your suppliers and customers simply and instantly

A wide range of payment methods

Manage all your outgoing payment flows, from selecting the Pay Out mode to configuring the payment frequency, and tailor your system to your business cycle to optimise your costs.

Outgoing transfers

in euros or
foreign currencies

One-time or recurrent


Payment cards

Open, Filtered et
Closed loop

Virtual cards

permanent or

Instant payment

instant transfers
to compatible banks

Mobile payments

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay,
Google Pay…

Pay Out in real time with virtual cards

Instantly issue virtual cards that provide all the same features as physical cards:


Fully configurable, they feature the same filtering capabilities (Amount, Expense category, Network).

Offer low-cost, fully digital and wallet-compatible products

Protect your users’ purchases with single-use cards

Provide customer refunds or claims payouts via payment cards

Account management for the marketplace

Leroy Merlin France rolled out their marketplace in 2020, with plans to expand to other countries and new merchants.


The goal:

Accelerate online sales with a fast-growing new retailing model.


Our solution:

  • Guaranteed regulatory compliance for flows managed on behalf of third parties (partner merchants): protection of funds and controls on payment transactions
  • Creation and management of all electronic money accounts opened for each merchant
  • Processing and approval of KYC documentation in over 10 different countries
  • Distribution of funds by transfer to each merchant in the marketplace


Our added advantage:

A pay out solution that is totally PSP/buyer-agnostic.

Easily automate all your Pay Out operations

Thanks to automated payments and debits, you can schedule your payments any way you like, whether interbank (SEPA) or account to account (P2P).

Simplify your cash pooling systems and centralise your cash flow management.

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Instant payments between European banks

With Instant Payment, you can make transfers between compatible banks faster.

  • Offer your customers and users the option to pay right away
  • Generate customer satisfaction by paying out claims faster
  • Simplify your cash flow management


Easily find out which banks are Instant Payment-compatible with our API.

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